Whole Lot of Rosie online with new teas

A New Year …

…is a time for new beginnings and we’ll be starting this year with this fab new site as well as some new teas added to the WLoR range. 

After lots of requests for a Russian Caravan Tea, we’ve added our own ‘Tanya’a Russian Caravan’ Black Tea.

Those in the know will recognise this as a tea with a smokey flavour. Ours is a lovely mix of Assam and Lapsang Souchong (which gives it that smoke infused taste) but with a Ceylon to give it a lighter note.

Russian Caravan tea has its roots in the ancient 600 mile silkroad from the Russian Steppes to Asia, carried with the silk by camel caravans, as another commodity to trade.

Fabulous Floral Chai
Fabulous Floral Chai

Fabulously Floral Chai is our second new tea; a gorgeous black chai, mixed with spices and flowers. Chai is the word for tea in many places across the world, but the Indian spiced Chai has recently become increasingly popular.

Ours combines Jasmine, Rose and Lavender with an Assam base tea. Warming ginger, cardamom and cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg spice things up.  This is a great tea to drink with hot milk on a cold night.


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